By James P. LaMancusa, aka Giacomo B. Fischiatore


Please understand, people who have WARPED PRINCIPLES (GOP MAGAs), just do not qualify as worthy family/friends.

Many don’t grasp seriousness of US situation? “Ain’t no” different now than Confederates vs Union, or Allies vs Nazis/Fascists. As before, often family/friends end up on opposing sides maybe battling each other someday. IT REALLY COULD COME TO THAT! Principled people choose principles over family/friends. Trump loving GOP MAGAs should really give this some serious thought (watch some gruesome WW2 and US Civil War movies and think of your friends & family and the aftermath of war/battle that may be on the horizon).

Some say “But it’s your family and you have to STICK WITH THEM”, but for me and my Fascist GOP MAGA (not all of them) family & friends, I DO NOT HAVE TO STICK MYSELF TO THEM, AND I WILL NOT. The can go ahead and continue SPITTING on my Father, Carmelo’s grave, as they’re forgetting all about the fact that Carmelo fought as a US Sergeant in WW2 in Italy against the “Black Shirt” Mussolini Fascists, who were his former Italian motherland compatriots. Eventually the Allied Forces merged together from battles in Salerno/Naples (my father with that group), Cassino and Anzio/Nettuno, and proceeded to march into Rome and drove out the German occupiers. Not long after, the Germans retreated back to Germany and arrived there about the time the coward Adolph Hitler and his wife were committing suicide in the bunker where he was holed up. In that same time frame, Mussolini was on the run trying to escape from Italy, but before he got to the northern border at Switzerland in the Alps, an Italian patriot Fascist Resistance group captured Benito Mussolini and then executed him and his mistress. Their bodies were taken to Piazzale Loreto, near central Milan, where the Italian patriots hung the two bodies upside down at the public square for a number of days to celebrate his defeat and the end of Italian Fascist regime and his “Black Shirt” loyalists.

In the fall of 2022, if everyone is afraid to stand up to the Trump GOP MAGA “Red Shirts”, and worried about hurting someone’s feelings, or severing ties with family/friends, we’re doomed! My hope is that I will be able to get to my nieces & nephews and free them from the grasp and influence of my GOP MAGA siblings and their spouses, who are like a modern day Jim Jones brain washing their offspring, and getting the kool aid ready when it all fails when the realization finally hits them that Trump and all his GOP cronies and sycophants are a bunch of snake oil salesmen conning the populous into believing they, and they alone will make their lives better, when in fact, these con artists are just leaching off of the gullible citizenry.

Some say: “What’s the big deal Jimmy? Why do you care so much about future of humanity & planet? After all, your remaining years are dwindling quickly, and you ain’t got no skin in the game not having a wife or offspring?” Which is a real good moronic point? But what some are failing to realize is that I care about the LaMancusa & Donazzolo family of Carmelo & Nida LaMancusa, Bernardo & Clotilda Donazzolo, Giusseppe & Antonina LaMancusa and the great, and great great grandparents etc who came before them. And I care about the present & future of this family, and I dearly love all my nieces & nephews, and the great & great great nieces & nephews etc and those who are yet to come.


The latter is a lot more important to me than the stardom of local W MI Facebook (FB) account contributors, like the queen & king of W MI FB, one of my sister-in-laws, and my younger salesman brother. I know oldest sibling, my sister, doesn’t like to broach this subject, because she doesn’t want to create a rift in the family, and she really enjoys time with the principal MAGAs in the family at their lakefront properties, going out boating, swimming etc. But you know, the latter isn’t as important as the long-term survival of our freedom & democracy, our family, humanity as a whole, and the planet.


Some studying and comprehension of actual USA and world history is quite important right now (not Netflix or Amazon Prime Video etc), because you must recognize that former compatriots, acquaintances and family members fought against each other and injured and killed each other in the US Civil War. And as I said before, my father, Carmelo LaMancusa fought for USA ( Sergeant) in WW2 in Italy and fought and likely injured & killed some of his former fellow native Italians/compatriots who were in allegiance with the Mussolini “Black Shirt” Fascists. And now we have the Trump/GOP MAGA “Red Shirts”, proponents of US GOP Autocratic Fascist rule, which could come as early as 2024, after which, we will be stuck with it for multiple decades.


Now if that’s what you want and you want to follow in the footsteps of W MI FB queen & king, and become Marjorie Green, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, or Lauren Boebert, then that’s what you and your offspring will get, and believe me, you will regret it when the aftermath eventually hits US and your family. Just because you look like Marjorie Taylor Green (sister-in-law’s offspring), doesn’t mean you have to act like her.


Take the time and watch some gruesome US Civil War and World War II movies so you can get a feel for yours and your offspring’s future if you choose the wrong path following your MAGA “Red Shirt” leaders, my highly vocal and opinionated (uniformed/misinformed/disinformed type) sister-in-law and younger brother. And I wish my brother to that sister-in-law recognized all the damage his spouse is doing by worshipping Trump like he is the Chosen One.

Dear GOP MAGA Famiglia/Siblings, We’re (you & I) Getting a Divorce

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