Rewriting Constitution to Deconstruct Federal Government:

The UglyGOP is working hard behind the scenes on their ultimate goal of rewriting the US Constitution to their liking, which requires a two-thirds approval from the 50 states. To achieve that requires a significant increase in the current number of GOP new Confederate states. In essence, it requires the adoption of the new GOP Confederate Constitution by 34 of the 50 states in order to achieve the required so-called “super majority”. If they get near that goal they will call for a convention of the GOP new Confederate states to discuss and formulate that new ultra conservative White GOP Christian evangelical Constitution.

Presently the GOP has control of approximately 25 of the states at most, and obtaining 9 more would be a colossal accomplishment (a 35-40% increase), but with the ever increasing propaganda spewed out as the GOP continually lies and disseminates misinformation and disinformation, it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that this evil crafty group could achieve their goal of tossing out the current Constitution and replacing it with their White evangelical Christian warped version. After the Nov 2022 election, the GOP now has 22 state trifectas (GOP governor & both chambers of legislative) and 24 triplexes (GOP governor, atty general & secretary of state). Beyond that, there are four states with state legislatures that are almost evenly split (KY, LA, NC & VA, all slightly favoring Dems), which could easily flip over to GOP state control. So going from 23 up to 27 states under GOP dominance is within reach, and adding another seven more (25 – 30% increase) to reach 34 should not be looked at as impossible.

Some states (e.g., SC, NC, etc.) are already rewriting their state constitutions to their liking, regardless of whether it complies with the US Constitution, almost as if they are challenging the federal court system (based on law suits that may be subsequently filed) to challenge their GOP Confederate interpretation of what they believe constitutes the equal rights and freedom granted to citizens across the nation by the Constitution as established by our US founders.

During the Civil War era, there were thirteen Confederate states, primarily in the South. What the GOP is doing, or attempting to do,  essentially equates to a plan for the reemergence and expansion of the prior Confederacy to allow the UglyGOP to enact their backward changes, including the rollback of civil rights to the Jim Crow or pre-Civil War era.


Deconstruction and neutering of federal government consists of the following Goals and Objectives:

The goal of GOP as espoused by Trump, Steve Bannon and their ilk is to deconstruct the federal government and eliminate regulations and federal taxes to the greatest extent possible, with the exception of continually funding the military-industrial complex at current or greater levels. The whole of this strategy of course is to maximize benefits to large corporations and the ultra-wealthy. This type of system would let states operate independently from the federal government, and would allow private enterprise to exploit our natural resources (e.g., NPs, federal lands, etc.) and the labor market free of government regulations and restraints, with the primary and virtually sole objective of allowing businesses to maximize profits  and to privatize all aspects of society, including our current public infrastructure systems (roads, drinking water, airports, prisons, etc.), converting all of them to profit fee based systems paid by users/citizens to allow large corporations and ultra-wealthy individuals to maximize their wealth through exorbitant toll and fee systems at the detriment and cost to humanity and the environment as they selfishly reap huge financial rewards.

Having previously been discussed at length in, but worthy of being mentioned again here, it should be noted that since the 1980s, industrial manufacturers have been allowed to freely pollute our land and water resources in blatant violation of the hazardous waste management laws under RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, and amendments thereof). The latter is steadily and insidiously polluting our drinking water sources with cancerous (carcinogens) substances that cause cancer to millions of Americans for which the ill effects are not detected in humans until decades of exposure. The US EPA safe drinking water standards have not been kept up to date for these carcinogens, and consequently the public drinking water supplies have not been obligated to issue health advisories to the public consuming this tainted water. The plants that are the worse are the Leaky CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments), of which there are 30 – 50,000 is the US that operate with unprotected and unmonitored leaky underground pipes and tanks, which only the state of California has outlawed. These companies that violate these RCRA laws do so because they were able to get their lobbyists and attorneys to argue that they were excluded from these regulations by some ridiculous argument (the exclusion applies to municipal sewage wastewater treatment plants and not industry).  And regardless, besides violating these RCRA laws that specifically targeted these CRIMe plants for ample reasons, these plants are still violating numerous other regulations under the Clean Water Act by freely and knowingly polluting our vital water resources. Testing is not done in the ground surrounding these plants because these plants are on a centralized public water system and US EPA and state EPAs do no monitoring around these plants, and in the meantime for a half a century and growing by decades, all this highly toxic pollution is spreading to the land and water resources surrounding these plants. The point being here, is that the Ugly GOP’s ( goal here in deconstructing the federal government, is to make it even easier for these Leaky CRIMe plants to continue to pollute our land and water resources for decades and a century more, while in the meantime, the public unknowingly is drinking so called “safe drinking water” that is tainted with carcinogenic chemicals that the ultra-wealthy don’t worry about, because they have sophisticated and expensive water treatment systems where they reside and consume water.

The deconstruction of the federal government will also remove all the safeguards that currently exist in various US laws to protect the health & safety of workers, and likewise will nullify those acts that exist now to protect the environment and wellbeing & health/safety of public (, such as those who live nearby CRIMe plants. Additionally, the reductions in federal regulations and federal spending advocated by the UglyGOP will drastically reduce and perhaps eliminate some the social programs that currently exist for the purpose of providing healthcare (Medicare, Medicaid, etc.), housing (HUD) and food (food stamps) to the impoverished.


Existing Quiet Before the Storm:

Right now it is almost like a quiet period after the conclusion of the Nov 2022 midterm elections, but do not think for a minute that the evil, crafty Ugly GOP Trump MAGAs aren’t busy at work conjuring up a way to further expand voter suppression & purging and the tampering with the electoral college apparatus that will come into play in 2024 for the presidential election. And as they are able, you can be sure they are doing additional extreme gerrymandering of the US and state congressional districts to dilute out the voters in the urban areas in a contorted way to favor the GOP federal and state legislative candidates as they have done so with precision in the past. And you can be sure that the Secretary of State officials in the GOP new Confederate states are doing whatever they can get away with (and more) to make voting registration and casting of votes by Democrats as difficult and confusing as possible, and surely they are configuring and organizing the voting accounting system so it is good for them and bad for the Dems if and when questions arise on the election results in the event of a close election.

There is a lot yet to happen between now and the Nov 2024 election. But one thing you can be sure is that the UglyGOP will follow their numerous UGLY principles in how they operate, and number one to them is that “good guys always finish last” and they are very good at not being good. What we don’t know is whether Trump will be prosecuted for his many crimes, and whether he will be found guilty of any of the possible indictments forthcoming, and whether such action will be sufficient to deem him unfit and unqualified to run for president again. There are pending prosecutions against Trump on a federal level (requires action by US Atty General), and also on a state level in both Georgia and the state of New York. Talk of the GOP primaries will start appearing in the news more and more as we get towards the end of 2023 and early 2024, and time will go by fast.  The propaganda machine by FOX and others of their ilk will be spouting out lies, misinformation and disinformation at a furious pace, and will be consumed by the ignorant masses. Whether Trump leads the GOP ticket or not, you can still count on the ticket being occupied by an UglyGOP candidate like FL governor DeSantass or someone of similar ilk.

If Trump leads the ticket, the UglyGOP will get assistance again from Trump’s Puppeteer Putin as he did in 2016, and likely others in the ADC (Authoritarian/Dictator Club) besides Putin will be assisting Trump in whatever way they can to get the UglyGOP authoritarian autocrat candidate Trump re-elected.


Prediction for 2024 Election and the Thereafter:

In summary, the throwing out of the US Constitution by the UglyGOP new Confederate states between now and the Nov 2024 election is not very probable, although it is something that may subsequently occur. Looking at the big picture, if Trump or someone else from the UglyGOP like him wins the presidential election in 2024, the US may very well be an UglyGOP autocratic regime beginning in January 2025 and for multiple decades thereafter. The possibility of the latter is highly probable if the GOP at that point controls the US House, and more so if they also control the US Senate. Regardless if the UglyGOP controls both chambers, the executive branch will have a lot of power and leverage through Executive Order power, and by having the full backing of the US Supreme Court (6-3 favoring UglyGOP) and the US Armed Forces as Commander in Chief. If the Senate ends up being a 50/50 split, then of course the new UglyGOP VP would cast the tie breaking vote in the Senate.

So the outlook is grim for the Dems, and since they are the nice guys who typically play patty cake or footsie in their negotiations and tactics, they will probably prove once again, that nice guys finish last. Of course the Dem leadership under Biden will say that the Dem supporters must “vote like hell” and over power all the shenanigans deployed by the UglyGOP, and even if this “vote like hell” approach maybe works or comes close to working, you can bet that the UglyGOP will be disputing the election results and playing games with the slates of electors from the UglyGOP new Confederate states, especially now that VP Kamala Harris has no say so in the matter anymore since the Dems decided to throw her out of the equation, even though that was the strategy that was fully expected to be deployed by the Trump-Pence team until the Trump Insurrection Coup Attempt Capitol Riot broke out. So how the various slates of candidates will be counted by each state and in Congress will still be up in the air to some extent, and VP Harris sure won’t have anything to say. What is surprising on the latter, is that the Dems gave up that right of having the VP involved, and they got nothing in return, such as for example a new Voting Rights Act that would do away with the tactics deployed by the UglyGOP  by employing voting suppression & purging and election subversion.

You may view this essay as pessimistic; but on the other hand, it is not totally unrealistic to think that the UglyGOP may have a 60-40% chance at the January 2025 Inauguration of beginning their UglyGOP new Confederacy US Autocratic regime. And what’s amazing (and sad), is that the Dems in the US represent a 60 to 40% majority in the US. If, however, the election ends up in mass chaos and protests due to disputes in the election results, it may very well be up to our current President Joe Biden to issue an Emergency Executive Order as Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, and to call off the election, and perhaps call for a new election at a later date after a new Voting Rights Acts is passed to correct the many issues that have arisen.

Confederacy Reemergence by UglyGOP

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