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  1. Please I red your article about education with the statement :“As everyone knows, whilst Britain has a world class education system that is the envy of every nation, Russia is a poor country where nothing works and everyone is force-fed a constant diet of Kremlin propaganda.Given that this is the case, we simply refuse to believe that it is possible for Russian children to have better reading results than British children, and it is obvious to us that the explanation for these results must be a more sinister one.”Can you give me please, the source of this statement? As you know, in journalism they say “One source is no source. ” ?Thanks in advanceLuc Devincke

    1. My source is me. I lived it. I know it. I understand it. And I know very little or virtually nothing is being done about the problem of Leaky CRIMe plants (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) because it is virtually cloaked by civic leaders, politicians, corporate officials and all the agents of the latter (attorneys, engineers, etc) who happily collect their consulting fees and turn a blind eye and deaf ear to all they see and hear, just as those individuals do that they work for.
      I am an industrial Whistleblower and am proud of it. My disclosure that was made to Michigan AG in 2000 was not acted on, other than holding one “meet and greet meeting” with me in the presence of MDEQ regulators and others. Since then, the AG became the governor (2 terms), and the leaky plants have continued to leak for another two decades, now surpassing more than a half a century, as the quality of water resources that serve as public water supplies to millions of people continue to degrade, causing health related problems to the public such as cancer caused by a variety of toxic chemicals.
      So I understand the law/regulations, and understand the science, and it is indisputable that this problem exists and continues as supported by highly paid and skilled attorneys, etc. This is similar to the long term effects of air pollution which is causing insidious Climate Change. Only this has to do with water pollution and the insidious degradation of water quality over multiple decades, approaching a century now. Granted, some CRIMe plants get caught and problem is brought to light, but that is usually only where people depend on private domestic wells for their water supply. Most CRIMe plants are located in areas served by public water utility service (they use a lot of water) and rarely does anyone check for water resources contamination around those plants because nobody is drinking directly from those contaminated water resources, such as from a well. But in the meantime, all these tens of thousands of Leaking CRIMe plants are collectively polluting the nearby groundwater, streams and lakes, which all combine and eventually and collectively end up at the public water supply source (e.g., Lake Michigan, Great Lakes) for your public drinking water. So the problem is as simple and insidious as that. Sure, there a few good corporate citizens out there that do the right thing regardless of the regulatory loopholes that allow them to pollute, but most, I assure you are doing the bare minimum and many of these plants are antiquated (at least for environmental protection) and leaking like sieves.
      So people will say prove it just like they say about Climate Change? However, for Leaky CRIMe plants you can prove it just by sampling and testing around these plants. In order to do the latter, it would have to be financed by private citizens from private donations, because believe me, corporate and public entities won’t be paying the bill for this work, BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO PUBLICLY CONFIRM WHAT THEY ALREADY KNOW. And obviously the confirmation of tens of thousands of leaky CRIMe plants would have significant ramifications. Like: Why is this happening? Why did you let it happen all these decades? Why aren’t you stopping it? (etc etc) This is why a CITIZEN’S INITIATIVE FOR SAMPLING AND TESTING is needed. Someday soon I will have a donation option on my website so there will be funding mechanism for this initiative. In October this year we obtained our 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization status as COMMONGOODUNITED INC, which is the parent organization for following:
      1. commongoodunited.org
      2. youREAPwhatyousow.org (REAP = Reality Environmental Action Proponents)
      3. pacato.org (Principle American Citizens & Allies Together Orchestrate)
      4. pewhasop.org (Protect Environment, general Welfare and Health And Safety Of Public)
      5. GoPP.global (People’s Platform)
      6. UGLY.network (Usurped, Greedy, Lackluster and Yearning for 24/7 attention)

      Thank you so much for visiting my site and giving me your comments and kind words of support.
      James P Lamancusa, P.E.
      AKA Giacomo B Fischiatore (James B Whistler/Whistleblower)

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