Link for PayPal Donation: (now transitioning to was created in response to Donald J Trump entering national politics, which brought the already BAD & UGLY Republican Party (GOP) to levels of UGLINESS never imagined, which were prompted by the GOP’s fear and recognition that there has been a pronounced shift in US demographics that created a New Majority in the nation made up of what was previously the “minorities” consisting principally of “urbanites” made up of people of color, including African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and various other ethnic or religious groups of varying ancestral origins and backgrounds. The post election GOP Autopsy Report delivered in 2013 after Mitt Romney’s defeat to Barrack Obama, warned the WASPy (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, anti-Semites) Republicans that they needed to diversify and broaden their appeal in order to remain a dominant political force. But they declined this advice, and instead have clearly gone down a path now from BAD to WORSE, as the Trumpian GOP is now shifting to ever more racist, and now fascist tendencies as touted at their 2021 annual white supremacist annual CPAC meeting. The Autopsy Report also pointed out to the GOP hierarchy that they needed to broaden their appeal by being more inclusive and respectful of women, which they also ignored, and instead have continued down their misogynistic path of having old male WASPs in leadership roles. In so many words as spouted out by the main stream GOPers at CPAC, the direction of the Republican Party is now transitioning far away from their touted “Conservatism” views/values that favor free enterprise/private ownership and socially traditional ideas, to instead towards predominantly FAR-RIGHT AUTHORITARIAN, ultra nationalism DICTATORSHIP, combined with FORCIBLE SUPPRESSION of opposition, and generally STRONG REGIMENTATION of the broader society and economy as a whole.

Now, all the GOP controlled states are passing Voting Rights Plunder legislation so when the next federal elections occur in 2022 & 2024 (primaries beginning soon) they will be able to suppress and/or cancel the votes from the targeted demographics who have become the majority in the nation. The GOPers say it is their objective to have “quality voters”, which means WASP voters, who are all in favor of the GOP’s plan for the US to become an autocracy with the Republican Party in control, now being referred to as the GOP Advent of Autocracy. What they are doing in their Voting Rights Plunder is totally against the basis of the U.S. democratic republic, which is founded on the principle of representative government, that is of, by and for the people, with each US citizen entitled to having full and equal rights to vote for their government representatives. Through the course of US history, past generations have fought, died and killed to preserve our democracy, freedom and equal rights under the US Constitution, such as in WW2 when Fascism and Nazism was flourishing, which is being rekindled once again as led by GOP racists, white supremacists, misogynists, xenophobes, nationalists/isolationists, anti-LGBTQers and anti-Semites.

What is very worrisome right now, is that there are 23 GOP controlled states, classified as “GOP Trifectas” which means in each of them the state legislature (both house & senate chambers) and governorship is under GOP control. There are also 20 states that are classified as “GOP Triplexes” which means in those states, the governor, state attorney general, and the secretary of state are all of the GOP party. And 19 of these states have dual classification of both GOP Trifecta and GOP Triplex (AL, AR, FL, GA, ID, IN, MS, MO, MT, NE, OH, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, WV & WY). Those that are GOP Trifecta only, include AZ, IA, NH & ND. The word “only” needs to be deemphasized, because a GOP Trifecta state can (and they have) pass a lot of Voting Rights Plundering state laws, which in turn, are (and have been) immediately signed by their state GOP governor. The only state that is GOP Triplex only is Alaska (AK), which is also very significant, because as we all know, the Secretary of State in each state has tremendous power over the administration of elections, including local, state and federal elections. And that power of that GOP Secretary of State is greatly amplified when they are working side by side with the full support of the GOP governor and GOP attorney general of the same state.

The Voting Rights Plunder state laws that are being passed in these GOP controlled states are purposely making it especially troublesome and burdensome to exercise our right to vote, which is especially being strategically targeted towards the “minority turned majority” demographic group, consisting primarily of people of color (POC) and urbanites, which are the Democratic voters who voted in big numbers in 2020 giving the margin of victory that was needed for Biden & Harris (and other Democrats – e.g., GA senators) to win. The GOP and these GOP controlled states are ruthlessly in a very precise manner disenfranchising the voting rights of the “minority turned majority” (POC & urbanites) so they can control the outcome of the federal elections in 2022 and 2024.  They have already made it clear that they don’t intend to change their platform by broadening and diversifying their appeal to minorities and women, so they are taken the “dirty scoundrel” route of making it is difficult as possible for the Democratic opposition to vote. The Voting Rights Plundering laws in these states includes a lot of voting suppression/oppression tactics, like for example: having fewer polling places, having shorter or no early voting, having fewer or no ballot drop places, imposing unreasonable restrictions on who is allowed to vote my mail, imposing extensive requirements on requiring proof of voter ID and voter registration at the polling place or when registering to vote or as a requirement for vote by mail, making it more difficult on voter registration such as for college students who reside at campus locations, not allowing people to provide food or water to voters waiting in long voting lines often in extreme weather conditions for extremely long times, voter purging (including “voter caging”) whereby names are arbitrarily removed from the rolls or list of registered voters for invalid or insignificant reasons, etc.

Elected Democratic leaders in DC are trying to offset or overcome these Voting Rights Plunder laws that have been enacted in GOP controlled states, but so far have not been successful, and the outlook of achieving this looks rather grim. The effort to save the democracy and protect the right to vote so far has included H.R. 1, the US House For the People Act (passed in House without any GOP support) which is written to expand voting rights, change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics, ban partisan gerrymandering, and create new ethics rules for federal officeholders. This Act has gotten nowhere in the Senate yet, because WV Democratic Senator Manchin opposes it, and even though there was a vote of 50 to 50 to allow debate on the bill, this was well shy of the 60 votes needed to overcome a GOP filibuster. Additionally, Senator Manchin also indicated that he would not vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster; and therefore, the For the People Act to strengthen voting rights in the US is dead in the water. Democratic AZ Senator Sinema also opposes weakening or eliminating the filibuster. There is some talk that VP Harris might open up debate in the Senate on eliminating or modifying the filibuster on the basis that it is not a part of or protected in any way by the Constitution (constitutional argument), which really doesn’t have much promise of accomplishing anything, since this type of debate is likely more applicable to the US Supreme Court. Another voting rights act that may come before the Senate, which likely won’t fare much better than the For the People Act, is the John Lewis Voting Rights Act (H.R. 4), which is proposed legislation that would restore and strengthen parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, certain portions of which were struck down in 2013 SCOTUS court decision. Particularly, H.R. 4 would restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965’s requirement that certain [southern] states pre-clear certain changes to their state voting laws with the federal government (like for example, all these Voting Rights Plunder laws being passed recently in GOP controlled states). The chances of the John Lewis act getting passed really aren’t any better than chances of the For the People act getting passed or the filibuster being modified or eliminated. One thing you can be sure of is once the GOP regains control of the Senate, they most definitively will eliminate the filibuster so they can get on with all the GOP legislation they want and intend to pass.

So given that the strengthening of voting rights on a federal level has little chance of advancing in US Senate because of opposition by GOP Senators and Democratic Senators Machiavellian Manchin and Cinema Sinema, things look mighty grim for the Democrats in the coming 2022 and 2024 elections. What makes it even worse is that the GOP made gains in House seats from the 2020 census results. Census added one seat each to FL, CO, MT, NC & OR, and TX gained two seats. Losing one seat each from the Census were CA, IL, MI, NY, OH, PA & WV. Four of the six states picking up seats from the Census voted for DJT in 2020, and five of the seven states losing seats from the Census voted for Biden in 2020. The Dems majority in the US House presently stands at 218-212, with five vacancies. To make matters worse, the Dems did not have any new gains in control of any state legislatures in 2020, and now the GOP stands to redraw the district maps for 187 districts (that’s “ultra-gerrymandering” district redrawing), while the Dems just have 87 districts to redraw. Not sure how you get a half of a seat, but the GOP gained 3.5 seats from redistricting alone.

First of all, it must be understood politicians are politicians, which is a self-serving breed in themselves. Politics, however, is necessary part of our democracy and will always be there, but what we must bank on is that we elect public officials that have at least some level of human decency and morals & ethics, which the GOP does not. So if the GOP is now effectively eroding our Voting Rights in multiple GOP controlled states, we have a serious problem. Without “one man equals one vote” because there is deliberate and intended suppressing and oppressing of votes of the demographic group the GOP considers to be “inferior voters” who don’t deserve to have equal opportunity at casting their votes for our government representatives, there will be A NEW CIVIL WAR 2.0 as instigated by the GOP NRC (New Republican Confederates). And now the GOP controlled states are passing state legislation that cancels our First Amendment Rights to Freedom of Speech and the right to publicly assembly and protest (e.g., such as protesting Voting Rights Plunder state legislation), such as what was just passed in Florida and signed by Governor Desantis that enacts new state laws which says law enforcement officials can arrest protesters and put them in jail immediately with no bail allowed, and may subject those who are arrested to 15 years in prison.

The Republic Party knows exactly what it is doing, and they know that the trend lines are going against them, and will only get worse as time goes on – i.e., that “minority turned majority” is only going to grow in size. So their answer is the GOP Advent of Autocracy, but first they have to get to a major victory in 2022 through the Voting Rights Plundering laws passed in the GOP controlled states. Regarding the GOP Trifecta and GOP Triplex states, it doesn’t take a genius to see what could happen in these GOP controlled states with or without these Voting Rights Plundering state laws:

Example one: TX (38 electoral votes) is turning bluer and bluer as years go by: President margin of victory in past elections: 15.8% R (2012), 9.00% R (2016) and 5.58% R (2020).

Example two: FL (29 electoral votes) once was blue, and has been slightly red lately: President margin of victory in past elections: 0.88% D (2012), 1.20% R (2016) and 3.36% R (2020).

Example three: OH (18 electoral votes) once was blue, and has been red lately: President margin of victory in past elections: 2.98% D (2012), 8.13% R (2016) and 8.03% R (2020).

Example four: IA (6 electoral votes) once was blue, and has been red lately: President margin of victory in past elections: 5.81% D (2012), 9.41% R (2016) and 8.20% R (2020).

Example five: GA (16 electoral votes) now blue, after trending away from red: President margin of victory in past elections: 7.82% R (2012), 5.13% R (2016) and 0.24% D (2020).

Example six: AZ (11 electoral votes) now blue, after trending away from red: President margin of victory in past elections: 9.03% R (2012), 3.55% R (2016) and 0.31% D (2020).

Example seven: NH (4 electoral votes) usually blue, but barely blue in 2016: President margin of victory in past elections: 5.58% D (2012), 0.37% D (2016) and 7.35% D (2020).

Biden beat DJT in electoral votes in 2020: 306-232 (adjustment after 2020 Census: 303-235)

NOTE: As you can see from this partial analysis, the Voting Rights Plundering laws in GOP controlled states could easily flip the win to GOP in those states narrowly won by Biden in 2020 (e.g., GA, AZ), and likewise, could make it ever more difficult to get a Dem win in states that could easily turn blue in 2022 & 2024 if GOP didn’t PLAY DIRTY (e.g., TX, FL).

So now in Florida, when it comes to federal elections in 2022 and 2024 (and the primaries that precede), you can expect to wait in long lines to vote, and if someone offers you water or food while you are waiting many hours, those good Samaritans will be subject to arrest, and if prior to these GOP rigged elections you protest, you will be thrown in jail, and could be sentenced to 15 years in prison. The Florida law also makes it within the law for others to run over protesters with their cars and trucks if they are blocking the road right of way. And also keep in mind, Florida has a “stand your ground” law, which allows a citizen to shoot and kill you if you are changing your tire on the side of the road on a rainy day wearing your rain coat with a hood, because that person is allowed to shoot and kill you if they feel threatened because you are wearing a hoodie and have a tire iron in your hand.

The DJT-GOP directed Strategy is crystal clear:
Henceforth, “by hook or by crook (BHBC)”, never again will GOP controlled states (with GOP Trifectas and/or Triplexes) be allowed to lose any GOP federal elections for Congress or President. The GOP is still working on this Hook or by Crook strategy, and has already accomplished most of what they intended in preparation for the 2022 election, including the passage of 22 Voting Rights Plundering laws in 14 GOP controlled states between January 1 and May 14, 2021, and more have been introduced or passed since. And for the GOP Triplex portion of the BHBC portion of the strategy, the GOP is making sure they have diehard BHBC GOP Secretaries of State in all the GOP states who will bend over backwards to force a GOP win by any means necessary, which means they don’t want another Secretary of State like GOP Brad Raffensperger of Georgia, who stood firm on principles/morals/ethics for the 2020 federal election results in his state, even though attempts were made to coerce him to reverse the results by President Donald Trump and SC Senator Lindsey Graham. In summary, the GOP BHBC Voting Rights Plundering Strategy is going as planned and is on schedule for the 2022 election to diminish voting rights of POC and urbanites in GOP controlled states by implementing the most effective voting suppression/oppression methods ever conceived in American politics.

So you can’t vote without major Voting Right Plundering being imposed on you (in those GOP controlled states), and you can’t protest the aforementioned because you will be thrown in jail without bail and may get 15 year prison sentence for doing so, if you aren’t first run over by vehicles operated by GOPers. SO WHAT DOES THAT LEAVE YOU?: CIVIL WAR 2.0! Do we want a Civil War 2.0? Hell no we don’t! But what’s our choice? People aren’t going to sit back and put up with this. People will fight/die/kill to maintain their right to vote and to preserve our democracy. So who can stop this from happening? The Republican Party sure as hell isn’t going to do anything to stop it, because they are the very ones promoting these major civil rights violations. So who needs to stop it are the public officials we elected to serve and protect US. Their priorities can’t just be their typical “politician self serving priority” of doing what is necessary to get reelected so they can continue to be on the gravy train conveyor belt of revolving GovtOfficials>Lobbyists>GovtProducts/ServicesProviders. They need to look past their own personal aspirations & wealth, and concentrate on SAVING AMERICA, & OUR DEMOCRACY, & OUR LIVES AND PREVENTING ANOTHER CIVIL WAR!

Do the Dems have the means and rights to do that? Hell yes they do! Our Constitution never intended for controlling political parties in individual states to have the right to manipulate federal elections to favor the dominant political party in their state, and states may have the right to administer their local and state elections, but they do NOT have the right to illegally administer the federal elections in their state in such a fashion that it arbitrarily thins out (oppressing/suppressing votes) the voting population to what they define as the “quality voters” who they believe are the voters (mostly WASPs) best qualified to vote for the most GOP suitable candidates (mostly older male WASPs) to represent the state’s dominant political party (GOP).

The Dem Party currently is in control in DC and can and must centrally take over the administering of the federal elections across the nation so all citizens have fair and equal rights to cast a vote for the federal public office candidates of their choosing with no outside oppressing or suppressing of their vote.

DEMAND that Biden stop GOPers from MANIPULATING elections in 2022 & 2024 by exercising his Emergency Executive power by instituting federal government administered elections for all federal elected positions on basis that Constitution forbids GOP controlled states from plundering voting rights of select/targeted (mostly POC, urbanites) demographics group. The other choice, is for the Biden Admin to WAIT UNTIL ALL HELL BREAKS OUT as US Citizens of a certain demographic group aren’t able to vote due to all the GOP suppression tactics, bogus voter ID tactics, or they get removed from the registration rolls for some arbitrary reason (e.g., ”caging” tactics etc.), or they aren’t allowed to register to vote like a college student on campus, etc. Okay, so Biden then patiently waits and observes as ALL HELL BREAKS OUT and FL Governor Desantis is arresting voting rights protesters, and then as the Commander in Chief, Biden declares federal emergency by POTUS Executive Order and declares Marshall Law and proceeds to have the US Military administer the federal elections for all the states for a period of time until proper federal voting rights acts are passed by the US Congress, and who knows how long that will take. But in the meantime, none of the bogus elections in the GOP controlled states with their Voting Rights Plundering laws should be honored, and thus, should be null and void, and voting responsibilities of the states to administer federal elections should not be returned to them until it is done according to newly established federal voting rights legislation.

What Dems presently have:

  • POTUS Emergency Executive Power
  • Military under Commander in Chief Joe Biden
  • DNI over multiple domestic and international intelligency agencies
  • Congress House control

If Voting Rights Plundering occurs in GOP controlled states in 2022/2024, regardless of SCOTUS GOP bias, a RED LINE will have been crossed and no transfer of federal offices for such elections should be considered valid or be allowed to occur.

This is not a threat, but if the Dems don’t plan accordingly well in advance to conduct federally administered federal elections for 2022 and 2024 elections, and allow the GOP controlled states to manipulate the administering of the federal election process in their states, CIVIL WAR 2.0 will more than likely break out. Even though the GOP will be the reason and cause for this new civil war for a whole host of reasons, if the Dems sit back and let it happen without doing anything, such as discussed above, both the Dems and GOPers will have blood on their hands (GOPers for causing it, Dems for not preventing it).

Our leaders Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer can’t be telling US the answer is that “We the People” have to bust our butts to overcome the massive illegal GOP Voting Rights Plundering going on with a massive voter turnout even greater than 2020. That’s a Bull Shit “It will all work out” Politician’s Answer and is NOT ACCEPTABLE! With all the GOP underhanded tactics (Voting Rights Plundering and making it illegal to publicly assemble and protest), it will take DRASTIC MEASURES like a Biden Emergency Executive Order to have federal work forces activated to administer federal elections exclusively, and have states (through their Secretary of State offices) conduct and administer local and state elections only (or at least until the US Congress fixes this problem). Implementing this idea of federally and centrally administering elections for federal positions only in not that complicated (centralization of other matters are already done, like Medicare, Social Security, IRS federal taxes, etc.), especially after having just done the federally administered COVID19 PANDEMIC RESPONSE AND VACCINATION PROGRAM, and it makes perfectly good logical sense to do it now and for the future to prevent this kind of political manipulation of the election process for federal positions to occur again.

Expect Voting Rights Plundering in GOP Controlled States to Result in Marshall Law Declaration by POTUS and U.S. Military Oversight of Federal Elections in 2022

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