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For those who get confused about upper case “D” versus lower case “d” for American “Democratic Party” versus American “democratic system” of government, this is not about Democratic Party, or Right (e.g., conservative) leaning versus Left (liberal) leaning American political parties (i.e., Republicans versus Democrats, which both have moderate or independent leaning supporters in the middle), but it is about lower case “liberal democracy”, which is the system of government which we operate under that emphasizes the separation of powers, consisting of an independent judiciary and a system of checks and balances between branches of government (i.e., executive, legislative and judicial: e.g., President/Congress/Court). A liberal democracy, like the USA, ideally follows the principle of “rule of law”, which exists to control and regulate our society in a limited and important manner (e.g., businesses, other entities, individuals) for a variety of activities, including our free market based economy (capitalism), election or appointment of public government officials and a variety of other matters, such as protecting environment and wellbeing and health & safety (security) of the public. Presently, the USA democracy is teetering for a variety of reasons (lopsided US Supreme Court, numerous state voter suppression laws being passed, etc.), and since 2016 the USA has been reclassified and downgraded to the category of a “flawed democracy”. Without a doubt, the USA is at a critical point in its relatively short history.

Simple concepts presented here on and its related web are nothing new, but now more than ever, they are absolutely and fundamentally  essential for the survival and advancement of democracies worldwide. We are Principled American Citizens & Allies (near & Afar) Together Orchestrating ( for:

Common Good of humanity & planet (, CGU);

A government (not corporations) of the People, by the People and for the People (; to be changed soon to, PPP); and

Protection of Environment and Wellbeing and Health And Safety Of Public (

Now more than ever we need to advocate and adhere to “liberal democracy” principles

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